Write Your Own Letter to Your Addict

It may be tempting to rant and rave at your addict part and angrily tell that part of you to get lost, get out of your life, or to…whatever. That kind of emotion is okay and has its place. The problem is that an emotional outburst doesn’t necessarily equate to a commitment to change.

So use this suggested outline for a letter to your addict (or that part of you that behaves addictively; recall how you’ve learned or chosen to cope in unhealthy ways). You’d obviously don’t have to follow it, but it helps to have something to begin the writing creative process.

Dear ____,

I have to say goodbye to you (my addict self) because…

This is what you’ve done for me through the years…

This is how you’ve harmed me….

Letting go of you (my addict self) is hard because…

Here is why I am committed to recovery…



Date: __________

Also, I would love to see your letter as it will help me. Please Share Your Letter.

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